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Suspicion of taking aim at Robert Fico, having admitted his offense before the court

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

Suspicion of taking aim at Robert Fico, having admitted his offense before the court

Photo: Juraj Chintula

On Saturday, May 18, Juraj Cintula, accused of attempting to assassinate Slovaccini Prime Minister Robert Fico, was brought before the Specialized Criminal Court of Slovaccini. The prosecutor's office is more careful about the protection of the other side of the river near the vista of Trimannia under the Varta. The BBC reports about this.

The 71-year-old writer Juraj Cintula, on Wednesday, May 15th, took aim at the life of Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico, having previously explained his motive.

Slovak Vidannny Plus jeden deň & nbsp; I entrusted & nbsp; video, with half -titsyo dilnitsi, de -crushing the sketch. >

“I am not fit for the politics of power. Why do the mass media disclaimer, why attack RTVS? Why are people called out?" – speak in the published footage.

Also in whose video Juraj Chintula talks about the pressure from the side of the premier on the independent ship authorities  vladi, zokrema, to the Constitutional Court and to Jan Mazak — prick Sudova's head for the sake of Slovakchini.

Why did Cintula get drilled

Prime Minister Robert Fico, who quickly came to power, began pressing on RTVS — This is Slovakchini's husband's movnik, which is one of the independent media. Let me explain  “Media Detector”, for example, by the end of 2024, the government of Fico praised the reform, which can lead to complete control of the government over PHI. Already in the dark, they can confirm the parliament, where Fico’s supporters may have more.

“The reform project was initiated by the Minister of Culture Martina Simkovichova. The changes she has made mean that the current RTVS channel will be abandoned and instead create a new structure under the name STVR (Slovak Television and Radio). Initiator of “reform” explains the changes, let’s face it, because the placement of the letter S (which means “Slovakia”) is, for example, the old name “unknown to the nation”, so it should be moved to the first place >" , — write "Media Detector".

And Jan Mazak — Sudova's big head for the sake of Slovakia. Once Fico came to power, he launched an “attack” not only this, but also other independent ship authorities  Vlady, as the Constitutional Court, threatens with exonerations.

Earlier BAGNET reported that Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico was injured during the shooting.

Taking a swing at life, I set my sights on Gandlov’s place. This happened at the meeting where the meeting took place. Fico was taken to the hospital. The attacker on the prime minister was already detained by the police.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga

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