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Subway: disappeared from the radar, this dessert loved by regulars returns to the menu

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

Ultra competitive, the market Fast food still has its leading figures. Millions flock to their stores every day, wanting to discover what's new before filling their bellies. No McDonald's or Burger King this time but a trip to Subway, where a beloved dessert is available. of the regulars finally returns to the map.

Subway: disappeared from the radar, this dessert adored by regulars is back on the menu

a dessert back at home the subway menu

King of the sandwich for several decades, Subway continues to seduce the stomachs of the most gourmands. In France, Subway has ventured into on the road to smoke with its Smoky Collection, declined in in three versions: Original Smoky Chicken, Super Smoky Chicken Bacon and SUBMELT Smoky Chicken. In addition to its sandwiches, it is particularly through its desserts that Subway appeals. Its followers have been fans of its cookies for years, so much so that the giant offers them in a good way versions.

But across the Atlantic, sugar fans are delighted, Subway has announced this Wednesday the return of the Footlong Cookie.And as its name suggests, this cookie is a foot long, or about 30 centimeters. After months of demand, described as “incredible” by the brand, the Footlong Cookie is finding its way back onto the Subway menu. Already now available in Subway in the United States, it can also be found in Subway stores in the United States. on the side menus displayed both on the Subway website and on local delivery applications. home like Uber Eats.

Subway: disappeared from the radar, this dessert adored by regulars returns to the menu

Announced; &àgrave; last fall and arrived on the menus in January, the Footlong Cookie finally disappeared from the radar for several months.Face to face demand, Subway finally cracked. The cookie returns, to the delight of its fans who will not fail to find it again. their next visit to one of the restaurants. 

The Footlong Cookie has delighted millions of Americans since its first bites in January, sparking demand unprecedented in recent months,” explains Paul Fabre, Subway's senior vice president in charge of gastronomy and innovation. “Subway worked We have been working diligently to expedite the supply of Footlong cookies to satisfy the cookie cravings at home. a great price and serve a dose of happiness this summer“. 

Subway: disappeared from the radar, this beloved dessert regulars come back to the menu

According to Subway, more than five million Footlong Cookies have been sold since their launch. The Footlong Cookie is only one of the many new products launched recently in the United States. Regulars of the brand were able to discover the partnership between Subway and T. Marzetti, a sauce manufacturer, for the sauces. the most famous of Subway are sold in supermarkets What about the arrival of a 30 cm cookie in France? For the moment, nothing announced.

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