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Friends: the sitcom says goodbye to Netflix, here's how to continue watching it

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

This is not new and Netflix subscribers know it well on the streaming platform it is customary to see films and series disappear and to see new productions arrive. If the firm with the red N produces content, it also buys broadcasting rights for certain productions. In 2015, Netflix was able to acquire the sitcom Friendsto the delight of fans who were nostalgic for the time when it was broadcast at television. But today, bad news: Friends is leaving the platform's catalog.

Friends: the sitcom says goodbye to Netflix, here's how to continue watching it

Friends, a cult sitcom that marked the history of TV

Indeed, if there is a TV series emblematic is indeed Friends! Created in 1994, the adventures of Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe punctuated the series. the lives of fans for ten years. In 2004, the sitcom aired its final episode. And even if it's already been a while twenty years since Friends was no longer broadcast; &àgrave; television, the sitcom has established itself in popular culture and its success has never wavered. And if success is still there, it's because in 2015, Netflix decided to add episodes of Friends to its list of content. its catalog. Subscribers and fans of the sitcom created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane could then see and rewatch their favorite program. Yes, could… becausethe series that marked the history of television will soon leave the Netflix catalog.

Friends: the sitcom says goodbye serious ; Netflix, here's how to continue watching it

After the Americans, the French will say goodbye to France. Friends

As reported by the siteWhat's On Netflix, Friends will leave the streaming platform in France on July 1st. Until now French fans of the sitcom could consider themselves lucky compared to the rest of the world. to American fans. Indeed, the program had disappeared from the American catalog in 2020. At that time, the firm had reassured that fans in France by announcing that Friends would remain available for a long time. However, four years later things have changed.

Friends: the sitcom says goodbye to Netflix, here's how to continue watching it

And it's no coincidence that episodes of Friends will no longer be available on Netflix. Warner simply wants to recover its flagship sitcom to offer it on its own streaming platform initially called HBO Max, now Max. As a reminder, it is on this platform that the public was able to attend; the reunion of the actors 17 years after the end of the sitcom. Max will be available in a few days from us at know next June 11 and Max France has announced that Friends will be available in the catalog of its platform in July. 

Until then, if you are a Netflix subscriber and you don't want to take out a new subscription to Max, you can always embark on a Friends marathon and you can discover the new Netflix releases planned for June 2024.

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