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Strike mandate for Airbus employees in Mirabel

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Employees work on an A220-100 device in Mirabel.


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The 1,300 unionized workers specializing in the construction of the Airbus A220 (formerly C Series) in Mirabel voted 99.6% in favor of a strike mandate, thus rejecting the employer's offer.

This strike vote means that the negotiating committee now has the power to call a general strike if the employer does not demonstrate greater openness to the demands of workers, mentions the union in a press release, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) Local 712.

The pressure actions are expected to begin tomorrow .

Members were insulted that the proposed increases did not even compensate the loss of purchasing power caused by inflation in recent years.

A quote from Éric Rancourt, IAMAW representative for Quebec

Salary increases, shift and assignment bonuses, vacations, the work schedule, obtaining job guarantees and the pension and group insurance plan are the main issues in the negotiations, mentions the union.

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The latter highlights that management's offer (10.25% salary increase over 3 years) is too low to cover the increase in the cost of living.

By email, the company's management said it took note of the results of the vote.

This first offer was proposed to the union, following open discussions which took place for some time months and took into account, in particular the current context of the A220 which has not yet reached its break-even point.

A quote from An Airbus spokesperson

Airbus adds that this is a step in the negotiations and says it wishes to continue the constructive dialogue that has begun in recent months so that we can, together, find a suitable agreement. to both parties, while ensuring the long-term success of the A220.

This news comes at a bad time for Airbus Canada, which is counting on an acceleration of the production rate to be able to gradually go from 6 to 14 devices assembled monthly by 2026.

This increase in pace involves recruitment and above all the commitment of workers, underlines Mr. Rancourt.

Delivery times currently stretch until the end of the decade for single-aisle aircraft (including the A220) and until 2028 for long-haul aircraft, such as the A320, specified a month ago on Radio-Canada Christian Scherer, boss of Airbus Commercial Aircraft.

Negotiations should normally continue, a meeting between games are scheduled for Monday morning.

In 2023, Airbus' revenue grew 11% to $65.4 billion euros ($95 billion CAD). The Commercial Aircraft division, which grew 15%, generated nearly three-quarters of the company's revenue and 78% of its operating profit.

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