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STING-2 Specialist long-range drones will be mass-produced

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr15,2024

Long flight drones STING-2 Specialist will be produced in series

Ukrainian engineers are launching another model of a domestic drone into serial production. We are talking about STING-2 Specialist – it is "basic" a copter to which various types of equipment can be attached, thereby adapting to various combat tasks. Entrepreneur and volunteer Yuriy Golyk informed about this. This drone is designed and will be produced by a team of engineers he assembled together with partners.

Specialist can carry a transponder with cameras. In this configuration, it allows you to scout the situation on the battlefield or adjust fire on enemy positions. If a reset system is attached to the UAV, the STING-2 becomes an attack drone from a reconnaissance drone. For the optimal operation of the drone, the developers advise not to load it with more than 1.5 kg.

The main advantage of the model is the duration of the flight. The drone can stay in the air for more than an hour and a half. Like the next generation of STING-3 Mad Max drones, STING-2 is equipped with a special secure communication system that allows it to effectively reach the target even under the influence of enemy electronic warfare means.

Another useful feature of STING- 2 – relatively restrained sound accompaniment of the flight. Thanks to this, it is somewhat more difficult to detect the flight of such a copter by ear. Photo-evidence of such an unexpected visit for the Russian military Yuriy Golyk also published in a post:

«The occupiers are still alive at that moment, and for some reason they are not suspect the presence of a Ukrainian drone. By the way, all six will cease to be occupiers in a few seconds and will never know what happened to them in the second line of their defense.

Before serial production, the drone model was checked for compliance with the stated characteristics. In particular, earlier Yuriy Golyk published videos of test flights of this copter.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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