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Start reading 5x more and learn a new foreign language with these tips

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr17,2024

Start reading 5x more and learn a new foreign language with these tips

These tips will help you read more/Collage Radio MAXIMUM

Big changes start with small steps. This principle has long been proven to be effective in various aspects of life, from learning to developing new skills.

Belle Beth Cooper, co-founder of Australian startup Hello Code, shares her cool technique for creating new habits through the art of small steps. Here are some tips that can help you start reading more and learning a foreign language, shared by the Telegram channel “Start Something!”

1. Reading: One page per night

Start by reading just one page before bed each night. Even if you manage to read more, consider the day a success if you read at least one page. Gradually increase your reading time, going from 15 to 30 minutes before bed and in the morning.

2. French: one lesson every morning

If you want to learn a foreign language, try to do at least one lesson in the Duolingo app every morning. Each lesson takes only five minutes, so it can be completed easily, for example, during breakfast. Gradually increase the number of lessons you do each day.

3. Work on one habit at a time

Make it a rule to only work on one habit at a time. Make sure the new habit becomes automatic for you before you start the next one.

Start reading 5 times more and learn a new foreign language with these tips

Try to develop one habit first, then tackle a new one/Photo by wayhomestudio

4. Removing Obstacles

Provide yourself with the necessary conditions to perform the habit. For example, keep everything you need for language learning or reading close to where you usually do it.

Thanks to these simple but effective steps, you can improve your reading and language learning skills by just starting small. efforts every day.

Natasha Kumar

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