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Star Wars The Acolyte: This Little-Known Jedi Is More Important Than You Think

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

The series The Acolyte enjoyed some success with its first two episodes, available on Disney+since Wednesday, June 5, 2024. And we already have the Looking forward to learning more about one little-known Jedi in particular… because this one is actually a little-known Jedi. far from being new in the Star Wars universe! And our little finger tells us that she could play akey role.

Star Wars The Acolyte: this little-known Jedi is more important than we think

a renowned Jedi inthe sidekick

Since this Wednesday, the seriesStar Wars: The Acolyteis finally available on Disney+. This is at least the case of the first two episodes, already rich in revelations, or on the contrary in mysteries to be revealed. clarify. Fans were eager to discover the new characters, numerous of them, since we remember that the series takes place more than a century before the events ofThe Menace Ghost. Among them, Vernestra Rwoh, a confirmed Jedi at green-skinned, over 100 years old,and played by actress Rebecca Henderson (Appropriate Behavior).

Vernestra is not a completely new character, created for the first time. specially for The Acolyte: she is the first character of the project Luminous to be released. appear at the screen in theStar Warsuniverse. Launched in 2020, this is a cross-media project (novels, comics, etc.) aimed at learning more about the High Republic era, which takes place before the Skywalker saga. And the presence of Vernestra Rwoh could bring a lot to the Disney+ series.

vernestra rwoh, already known to fans of star wars

Appearing for the first time in the novel La Haute République: A test of courage, then in several comics of the seriesLa Haute République,Vernestra Rwoh appears for the first time in the guise of a young Padawan, trained by Jedi Master Stellan Gios. At 16, she became one of the youngest Jedi Knights in History, and she would subsequently take under her wing, her own apprentice: Imri Cantaros. Originally from the planet Mirial, she belongs to the planet Mirial. a species with lifespan much longer than humans, explaining why she is over 100 years old inStar Wars: The Acolyte.

Star Wars The Acolyte: this little-known Jedi is more important than you think

In the screen time that was given to him. granted In the first two episodes of The Acolyte, Vernestra Rwoh appears as a highly respected and passionate Jedi. authority recognized,so much so that some fans even think that she could be the leader of the Jedi order, to which she was already a member. very dedicated to comics. She could therefore play a key role, while she and her peers are going through a troubled period.

This is all the more true as she has always been ; particularly sensitive to Strength, so much so that when she is in hyperspace (an alternate dimension reachable by traveling at the speed of light), she has visions of the past, present and future, allowing to guide it. However, this has never been the case. explained, and Disney could therefore deepen this mystery around the character inThe Acolyte.We also hope to learn more about the reasons which pushed her to do so. modify his purple lightsaber, capable of transforming into a whip. In short, everything comes together to make Vernestra Rwoh a key character. from the Disney+ series!

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