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Star Wars The Acolyte: this filming photo spoils the identity of the masked Sith

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

The big mystery of season 1 of Star Wars: The Acolyte is the identity of the mysterious masked Sith Lord. Obviously, fans have their theories, but one of them is now the most plausible, after a set photo was leaked.

Star Wars The Acolyte: this set photo spoils the identity of the masked Sith

a new theory about star wars: the acolyte 

If you watched the first two episodes ofStar Wars; The Acolyteon Disney+,you've probably tried it to guess who the mysterious masked Sith Lord is,who has intrigued fans since his brief appearances in the trailers. The craziest theories out there its subject is circulating on the internet, and some people are convinced that it is in reality about of a strange creature from the comicsStar Wars.

Star Wars The Acolyte: this filming photo spoils the identity of the masked Sith

The theory in question, like most other theories about the Masked Sith, unfortunately is not based on much concrete evidence. But a filming photo has just leaked and reshuffles the cards: it is the character of Qimir who is said to be hiding under the mask. is bad and the face of actor Manny Jacinto only appears briefly, but it does seem to be him.And the clothes he wears are not without reminiscent of those of the masked Sith.Perhaps, then, the scene revealed at through this leak is the one in which Mae discovers the true identity of her. of the being who sponsored the the Jedi murders. We'll let you give us your opinion in comments.

This sure makes it look like (redacted) is a (redacted). pic.twitter.com/5XXCsnkRZE

June 10, 2024

qimir, the hidden sith lord à in plain sight?

As exciting as it may seem, the theory that Qimir is in reality the masked Sith would seem very light if it were based only on a leaked photo, especially of poor quality. But fans of The Acolyte already had this idea. doubts. Indeed, this trader and smuggler is not supposed to have no connection with the Force.

Star Wars The Acolyte: this filming photo spoils the identity of the masked Sith

So how can we explain that in episode 2 of the Disney+ series, he resists so much to Mae's attack, to the point of taking the advantage and succeeding in slam her against a wall?Other spectators also noticed that Qimir knew exactly where find Jedi Master Wookie Kelnacca, for no apparent reason. And when we know thatthe Sith have always had the habit of hiding outside of the city. in plain sight,by simply hiding their powers, the theory becomes even more plausible.

#TheAcolyte spoilers

So we all agree Qimir dodged Mae's attacks a little too easily to just be some guy right pic.twitter.com/9AvA03Vyz4< /p>June 5, 2024

Obviously,Star Wars: The Acolyte is only just beginning. its beginnings and may still surprise us, but the clues seem to be accumulating, and it could well be that the smuggler Qimir is really the Sith Lord in question. identity unknown.

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