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HBO Max: discover the different ways to subscribe to the platform

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

Earthquake in the world of streaming platforms! This Tuesday, June 11, Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video welcome a very serious competitor: Max, the new service from Warner Bros. There are several ways to subscribe to the catalog, which brings together all the famous HBO series. Below, find out how to access it.

HBO Max: discover the different ways to subscribe to the platform

how to subscribe to the platform Max? We take stock.

Shivers among the followers of Game of Thrones, Sex & The City, The Sopranosor even Euphoria: all the series signed >HBO, including these 15 masterpieces to absolutely see, are now accessible. This Tuesday, June 11, Warner Bros. launched its streaming platform in France, giving access to its XXL catalog, which also brings together several flagship licenses such as the DCEU, Matrix or Harry Potter. Unsurprisingly, before you can watch these programs, you will need to subscribe to the program. a subscription. Three packages are offeredto Internet users, in order to align with the competition:

HBO Max: discover the different ways to subscribe to the platform

Basic with advertising 5.99 € per month or &euro 59.90; per year (2 screens, Full HD);

Standard at 9.99 € per month or 99.90 € per year (2 screens, Full HD, 30 downloads); 13.99 € per month or 139 € per year (4 screens, 4K UHD, 100 downloads).

If you don't have a computer, don't panic. You can download the mobile application, available on both iOS and Android, and subscribe to the service directly there. The Sport option (€5 more per month), is only possible with the Premium plan, for a total cost of €18.99; per month. 

If you are already subscriber à Canal+, you will be able to access the HBO Max catalog from myCanal via the Standard plan, at provided you have subscribed to the appropriate pack. We also hope that the Disney+ and Max offer which is arriving this summer in the USA will soon arrive in France.

In any case, fans ofHouse of the Dragon, which will arrive in France at from June 17 on Max and Prime Video (thanks to the Warner Pass) will be curious to discover if they agree with the first opinions of the press.

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