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Spotify defines environmental sounds as a separate musician – “Nature”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr22,2024

Spotify defines ambient sounds as a separate musician – "Nature"


Now on the streaming platforms Spotify and Apple Music, environmental sounds are now recognized as a separate musician – “Nature”. This was facilitated by the Sounds Right initiative.

The Sounds Right project is an initiative of the UN Museum – UN Live, which hopes to collect $40 million in royalties over the first four years. This is reported by the BBC publication.

Artists who use natural sounds in their recordings will be able to indicate “Nature” as a separate performer. Then a part of the funds from the auditions will be directed to an initiative to protect the environment.

This is a way to tell artists that we all use the sounds of the sea, the wind, why not pay royalties to nature? said Brian Eno, who remixed David Bowie's song Get Real as part of the initiative.

Some artists have already joined the initiative, including London Grammar, MØ, Tom Walker and Ellie Goulding , who updated her song “Brightest Blue” with chirping tropical birds. Norwegian star Aurora also released a new track, “A Soul With No King,” featuring the sounds of the forests of her homeland.

I think music has the ability to make contact with nature desirable again, she said Aurora.

This project not only helps fund conservation initiatives, but also helps raise public awareness of the importance of environmental conservation through art and music, highlighting their inseparable interaction.

Spotify defines environmental sounds as a separate musician – "Nature"


Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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