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Spider Man Noir: excellent news for fans of the Marvel superhero

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

It's official, the live-action series on Spider-Man Noir is on the way, and he's a beloved actor. of the public who will play the main role. Here's everything we know so far.

Spider Man Noir : excellent news for fans of the Marvel superhero

the series on black spider-man specifies

Among the big successes: s of 2023 in the cinema, impossible not to mention Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, its excellent reviews and its 690 million dollars generated at the box office. A colossal success, which inevitably pushes Sony to expand. want to continue the momentum. For months, discussions have been underway around a series centered on one of the variants of the spider-man, seen in the animated film and his predecessor: Spider-Man Noir.The character first appeared in 2008 in the comics. On screen, it was the actor Nicolas Cage who lent him the role. his voice.

Spider Man Noir: excellent news for fans of the Marvel superhero

Good news, the project has just been confirmed, and we already know how it will work. that the series on Spider-Man Noir in live-action, soberly titled Noir, will indeed be broadcast on Prime Video in France, as part of the agreement between Prime Video and Sony. This one also concerns the Silk: Spider Society series, which we no longer hear about at the moment. Other information has been released. revealed aboutNoir, and we notably learned that Steve Lightfoot (The Punisher) and Oren Uziel (22 Jump Street) will be the showrunners. But THE good news of the day is that Nicolas Cage will reprise his role! The fans were happy to hear it. heard by Sony.

nicolas cage will reprise the role of the superhero

Among the first information officially revealed on the series Black, we learned that it is Henry Bradbeer, àgrave; to whom we owe in particular the Netflix films Enola Holmes, who will direct the two episodes 1 and 2. As for Nicolas Cage, his return as the Spider-Man variant is pleasant, but does not really surprise. The 60-year-old actor had already mentioned his will to resume his role and had admitted to that discussions had been held engaged.

Spider Man Noir: excellent news for fans of the Marvel superhero

< p>Among the other names revealed, we find those of Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Amy Pascal. Having already worked on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, they will be executive producers. The pitch, for the moment, remains elusive, but is promising: “Noir tells the story of an aging and unlucky private detective in New York in the 1990s Set in 1930, he is forced to face his past life as the town's one and only superhero. We are therefore looking forward to learning more about this enticing series, called Noir.

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