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Mask Singer: Inès Reg's fees and jurors revealed, staggering sums

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

After seeing its 12th season of Dancing with the Stars surrounded by a big controversy somewhat tarnishing the show, TF1 is on à something else this month of May withMask Singer.Inès Reg, who has been commuting, takes on the cap of juroré alongside Kev Adams, Chantal Ladesou and Laurent Ruquier. A quartet of investigators whose cachets have just been revealed, and they are simply mind-blowing.

Mask Singer: the fees of Inès Reg and the jurors revealed, staggering sums

After the Dancing with the Stars controversy, TF1 continues with Mask Singer

After the broadcast of its 12th season ofDancing with the Stars which will have marked ; spirits by its clash between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier, TF1 continues with Mask Singer. In the show presented by Camille Combal, the investigators must unmask the personalities who hide under costumes, each one more zany than the last.

For this sixth season, broadcast since May 3, two new additions join the juror. alongside Kev Adams and Chantal Ladesou: Laurent Ruquier, and… Inès Reg, definitely on all fronts on TF1 after his final in DALS last April.

the incredible fees of the four jurors of mask singer

While two bonuses have already been awarded; Summer broadcast on the private channel, and marked by the elimination of several personalities (Jacques Legros, Chantal Goya, Catherine Lara, Vincent Desagnat), the columnists ofTouche pas àgrave ; my position,on C8, returned to this second episode broadcast last Friday. It's up to you this occasion that Guillaume Genton mentioned the fees offered to the four investigators.And, hold on, they are amazing.

According to Cyril Hanouna's columnist, Kev Adams, since the very first edition, would be the highest paid judge of the competition. with 400,000 euros pocketed per season. Which represents around 50,000 euros per premium. Chantal Ladesou, who has been investigating Mask Singer since the fourth season,would perceive in terms of she 150,000 euros,while the fees of the two new additions to the team,Laurent Ruquier and Inès Reg, would respectively amount to 150,000 euros. 100,000 and 90,000 euros.

Mask Singer: Inès Reg's stamps and jurors revealed s, staggering sums

But Kev Adams would not have the biggest cachet according to Guillaume Genton. The chronicler of Hanouna announced; thatthe guestof this sixth season would be she paid 500,000 euros. “They paid her 500,000 euros, it's the first time they've paid an international star that much”, before adding: “frankly, I think few people know her here. She's smashed to the ground.” 

A star already mentioned by Laurent Ruquier a few weeks earlier, still on the TPMP set. However, a certain lightness is at; take concerning the information, because the production remained silent on the subject.

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