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Spider-Man, Goku, Pumba: the cult voices of French cinema

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

This week, actress Scarlett Johansson tackled OpenAI, accusing it of having plagiarized his voice for Sky, ChatGPT's voice assistant. While Hollywood continues to assert its rights against this enemy that we cannot see, the French voice actors take out their pitchforks and assert their rights in a new campaign. 

Spider-Man, Goku, Pumba: the cult voices of French cinema< /p>

#TouchePasMaVF: the big names in dubbing tackle AI

TouchePasMaVF. It is via this hashtag that Brigitte Lecordier, Philippe Peythieu, Benoit Allemane and Donald Reignoux try to assert their rights with Rachida, Dati, the Minister of Culture.The most cult voices of French cinema, television and video games walk hand in hand to try to save their profession, which is under threat. through the democratization of artificial intelligence.

Spider- Man, Goku, Pumba: the cult voices of French cinema

For several years, technological advances in AI have brought new possibilities to the table. poorly in many sectors. And with the possibilities allowed on the side of dubbing, the cult dubbers of France feel threatened (and rightly so) by AI and especially its derivatives. For budgetary reasons, films, series and video games ;o could thus choose to dub their productions via artificial intelligence, with similar voices, àgrave; lower costs.

A tradition lost for the benefit of a few coins, a situation that the voices of Goku, Morgan Freeman, Homer Simpson and Spider-Man wish to anticipate by protecting their rights. Via a petition and the hashtag #TouchePasMaVF, these big names in culture wish to involve the government.

Help us make our voices heard! So that VF remains a cultural exception and that we are never replaced by machines, sign the petition in our bios, and tag the accounts below! @datirachida@MinistereCC@iledefrance@sagaftra #TouchePasMaVF

May 21, 2024

“If artificial intelligence replaces us, it will no longer be our voices, human voices, that you will hear in the films, but the voices of robots which will have been generated by the theft of our “Great voice acting comes with great responsibilities,” chants Donald Reignoux, famous voice of Spider-Man in Insomniac games and voice actor long-standing by Andrew Garfield, among others.

According to the collective, more than 15,000 jobs would be threatened by AI.To help them, you can, like nearly 60,000 Internet users, at the time when As these lines are written, sign this petition called “For dubbing created by humans for humans #TouchePasMaVF” on the website, right here.  

Spider-Man, Goku, Pumba: the cult voices of French cinema

This This is not the first that big names in cinema have tackled. AI to defend their rights. In Hollywood, a historic strike had struck. The American factory of the 7th art so that an agreement can be signed. Even though studios are allowed to work, When using AI, precautions have been taken. anchored in stone to limit abuse. Rest at know if such an agreement can be found in France.

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