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Specialists named five effective methods that will help speed up smartphone charging

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr10,2024

Specialists named five effective ways to help speed up smartphone charging

In order to improve smartphone charging speed, you need to know 5 effective tips that will help you do this.

Even average use results in at least one charge, so we all need to know how to speed up the smartphone charge many times.

Tip 1. Turn off or snooze

If you want to speed up the charging of the smartphone, you can turn off the phone and leave it aside. This is the most obvious and simple way. Let's say you're using your phone while it's charging. In this case, the process will take place more slowly, as your activity will consume the replenished energy. So putting it off will be very helpful.

Plus, your phone doesn't stop working even when you're not using it. You might not know it, but some apps are probably running in the background, and it goes without saying that apps consume a lot of power. When you turn off your device, you end these applications.

Tip 2: Keep it cool

Overheating is a common problem among phones. This affects the life of the phone, as well as the time it takes to charge it. When the phone is hot, the processors become slower. And a sluggish processor means more work, which entails more energy consumption. After all, it is a "domino" slows down the charging process.

To avoid this and speed up the charging of the smartphone, you need to keep the device in the cold. Cool phone – it's an efficient phone even while charging. There are several ways to keep your phone cool. In addition to stopping apps running in the background, you can also charge your phone in a place away from direct sunlight. You can also remove the case from your phone to get rid of excess heat.

Tip 3: Switch to airplane mode

Does your phone charge faster in airplane mode? If you notice it, then keep doing it. Put the phone in flight mode – this is one of the easiest ways to speed up the charging of your smartphone. How so? Your phone is made for communication and entertainment.

Of course, the features that enable this, such as cellular, Bluetooth, radio and Wi-Fi, require power to operate. These features consume battery power even when you are not using the device. Switching to airplane mode stops this.

In airplane mode, these features consume less power from your device, allowing it to accumulate power faster. Research shows that this hack can save up to 25% of the time it takes to fully charge.

Tip 4: Use a wall outlet

If you want to charge your phone quickly, using an outlet will be better than charging it on a computer or car. This is due to the low amperage (0.5 A) provided by car and computer ports compared to a wall outlet (1 A). While low amperage won't harm your device, it will slow down charging.

Tip 5: Try Fast Charging Accessories

Wall chargers are reliable partners, but sometimes they can't get the job done in the required time and speed up the charging of the smartphone. This is where fast charging accessories come in. There are many fast charging accessories on the market and most phones are compatible with them.

Fast chargers are some of the best you can find. Fast chargers offer fast speeds if you just need a quick top-up. Most of them can charge your phone 1.4 times faster than your official charger.

However, to be safe, it is better to choose certified fast chargers rather than cheap chargers.

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