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One in seven iPhones is now assembled in India

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr10,2024

Every seventh iPhone smartphone is now going to India

Efforts to transfer the production of smartphones of this brand from China to other countries in the Asian region, made by Apple's contractors, have led to the fact that currently one in seven iPhones is assembled on the territory of India, as noted by Bloomberg. Last fiscal year, Apple smartphones were released in this country for a total of $14 billion.

Similar results could be obtained after the end of the next fiscal year in the calendar of many Asian partners of Apple at the end of March. The recent visit of the CEO of the company Tim Cook (Tim Cook) to China and the accompanying assurances that there are “the best supply chains in the world” in the territory of the Celestial Empire. does not negate the fact that an increasing number of iPhones are beginning to be assembled on the territory of India. According to local authorities, such migration has already created 150,000 jobs at local enterprises of Apple contractors.

According to unofficial data, Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group collected 67% of Apple smartphones produced in India last fiscal year, and Pegatron accounted for 17% of iPhones collected in India. Other smartphones of this family were assembled by the Wistron enterprise in the state of Karnataka, which last year came under the control of the Indian conglomerate Tata Group. A few days ago, there were rumors about the intentions of this Indian company to take over the Pegatron enterprise in India. At least the Indian side would like to control up to 65% of Pegatron's southern Tamil Nadu venture. On this site, 5 million iPhones are collected annually. The parties also plan to build a new jointly managed iPhone assembly facility in the state.

Apple's partners currently assemble smartphones from the iPhone 12 to the younger models of the iPhone 15 family in India, but the Pro and Pro Max versions are not yet produced here . The main part of Apple smartphones manufactured in India is exported, the share of products of this brand in the domestic market of the country does not exceed 6%. The first two branded Apple stores in India appeared only last year. It is planned to open three more branded Apple stores in India by 2027.

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