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Specialists have created “eternal” solar batteries that will change the world

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

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The Swedish company Exeger has created a new generation of strong and flexible solar cells that can collect energy from any light source, including a candle. Thanks to this, devices with such batteries do not need recharging.

This is reported by The Independent.

At a factory on the northern outskirts of Stockholm, a top-secret printing press produces sheets worth thousands of euros each in six seconds. These leaves contain 108 miniature solar cells that will be used in everyday gadgets — from keyboards to headphones — and will significantly change our perception of technology.

Sweden may seem like an unlikely place for a solar revolution, but it was the lack of light during the winter months that prompted Exeger co-founder Giovanni Fili to consider the sun as the primary energy source for photovoltaic cells. The company's breakthrough technology is able to collect electricity from almost any light source — from direct sunlight to candles. It may even be able to generate a charge from moonlight in the future, although it will take some time to achieve significant results.

"Like algae at the bottom of the ocean, where almost no light reaches, we can effectively use very few photons,— said Philly.

The T-shirt he wears describes the company's technology as "changing the world" and capable of simultaneously meeting global energy demand and solving some of the planet's biggest environmental problems.

What Powerfoyle Exeger solar cells can do

Powerfoyle Exeger solar panels are a revolution compared to traditional glass panels. They eliminate the need for visible silver lines, perform the function of conductors. In addition, these batteries do not lose efficiency in partial shading, which is a significant advantage over standard photovoltaic panels.

The patented skin-like material can even transform into almost any material to ensure seamless integration into a huge range of products. At the same time, the material remains waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

«It works in all lighting conditions, it's stronger than any other solar cell in the world, it's easy to manufacture, and it can simulate any surface — leather, carbon fiber, wood, brushed steel. It is also beautiful. So, we can integrate products that already sell billions of units a year», — said the co-founder of Exeger.

The capacity of the Exeger plant in Stockholm allows the production of 2.5 million square meters. m of solar panels every year. This makes it the largest plant of this type in Europe.

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