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Sony: this futuristic controller is already a dream

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

When they decide to upgrade to At the checkout to get their hands on a new machine, gamers must take several factors into account: price, aesthetics, performance, games available, but also accessories such as controllers. And in fact, Sony has just shared thefirst images of acontroller that we dream of. Ià to own to play thePS6. But we are far, very far from being there.

Sony: this futuristic controller is already a dream

sony unveils a tempting prototype

For console gamers, the controller is obviously an essential accessory, and manufacturers therefore have no interest in using it. to miss. In this little game, Sony and PlayStation have particularly succeeded withthe DualSense of the PlayStation 5, considered by many players as the best controller on the market.Precise vibrations, haptic feedback, touchpad tactile, adaptive triggers… Everything comes together to make the experience with the controller in hand as pleasant as possible.

But a question now arises: how to do better? The PlayStation teams still have time to think, since the PS6 should not see the light of day for many years. However, Sony is already thinking about this. the future, and has also published a new video on its YouTube channel. This one is called Sony's Creative Entertainment Vision, and tends to imagine the future of video games and entertainment. We discover several futuristic concepts, including a controller which caught our attention.

the controller of the future revealed in video?

“In ten years, we will live in a multi-level world where physical and virtual realities collide will overlap without boundaries […] What kind of experiential value would we offer to achieve this? To explore this question, we conducted a prototyping exercise under the concept of “Creative Entertainment Vision” .By considering through the prism of creativity and Sony technology, here we present the future as an extension of our lives today.” Here is the official description of the video posted online by Sony, which presents several futuristic prototypes that could potentially see the light of day in the coming decade.

Among the prototypes presented, that of a controller… without buttons . This is in fact composed of two sleeves with visibly tactile keys and connected by an empty circle, in which we already imagine; various information is displayed (battery, microphone volume, etc.). The most intriguing thing, however, remains this screen on the top,which suggests that it would be possible to project your games directly above the controller.

Sony: this futuristic controller is already a dream

With this controller, we could imagine Sony and PlayStation developing a hybrid console, in the footsteps of Nintendo and its Switch. Thus, the controller could allow you to play with your console connected to your console. TV, or directly via HD projection on a floating screen. Çthis seems a little vague, butlet's remember that this is not a question of than a more imagined prototype; for the challenge only with the aim of being truly developed.This, however, allows us to see Sony's ambition for the future, that it be more or less distant. Tell us in the comments what you think of a controller of this style, and if you would like PlayStation to release a hybrid console!

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