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Dragon Ball Super: this new official image of Gohan Beast is absolutely epic

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

WithDragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the franchise introduced two new transformations. Piccolo has changed briefly colored during his transformation into Orange Piccolo, when Gohan gained ground with his Gohan Beast transformation. Goku's son is more powerful than ever, while the spotlight has been on him since the manga resumed. And the saga should not let him go back into the shadows any time soon, while the half-Saiyan is more epic than ever in this new official image by Toyotaro.

Dragon Ball Super: this new official image of Gohan Beast is absolutely epic

a new illustration of Gohan Beast

The resumption of Dragon Ball Super allowed readers to discover more about Gohan Beast. A new, extremely powerful transformation that even allows users to change their skills. Gohan to compete with Goku and Vegeta, respectively under Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego.And while the last chapters of the manga allowed us to discover a glimpse of his abilities, here it is. that Toyotaro, writer and artist of Dragon Ball Super, takes advantage of the manga break to share with us a new official illustration of Gohan Beast.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Break continues. This month’s Interval Special new illustration is Gohan Beast by Toyotaro!

May 16, 2024

Dragon Ball Superis paused. The publication of the manga was stopped following the death of Akira Toriyama, but should resume soon. Despite Everything, this new illustration allows us to discover a new image of Gohan Beast, while his power, and the origin of his power, still remain surrounded by mysteries.If Gohan is to be believed, it's thanks to his side human that he is able to draw all this energy. How far can his Beast transformation go? Is she able to compete with the power of Black Frieza, the antagonist of this arc.

Dragon Ball Super: this new official image of Gohan Beast is absolutely epic

Although his transformation into Gohan Beast is the culmination of his current power, nothing says that Gohan will not be able to sublimate it.Despite; Everything, the first name of the transformation, Final Gohan, may suggest that Gohan will not be able to go beyond. But Dragon Ball constantly teaches us that it is possible to surpass ourselves. Gohan could do the same, and why not reach a new level of power.

Dragon Ball Super: this new official image of Gohan Beast is absolutely epic

Gohan Beast will not fail to surprise us during the next chapters of< em> Dragon Ball Super. For the moment, Toyotaro is sharing new information with us as part of his special teased project. by the Shueisha after the death of Akira Toriyama. Response in the coming weeks therefore, and especially the rest of the manga.

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