Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

"So… Hello": Monatik presented a new video filmed in a bomb shelter< /p> Monatik/YouTube

Ukrainian performer Dmytro Monatik presented a new video for the song “So… Hello”, which he filmed in the bomb shelter of one of the theaters. The clip is both the premiere and the announcement of the upcoming album “Eternally Dancing Man”.

Singer Monatik shared with his followers a part of the new incredible album. The track “So… Hello” is now available on all music platforms.

The clip begins with a touching poem by the artist. And then he performs a song, which he combines with choreography. According to Monatik, this work currently represents a new stage in his creative life – the development of music and dance art.

I have always believed that music and art should benefit society and give positive emotions. And in such extremely difficult times as now, I see this as a special mission, because we really lack it, – said the singer.

The video was shot in the bomb shelter of the local theater. It is here, in the breaks between performances, concerts, and daily tasks, that, unfortunately, the usual life for Ukrainians comes to life due to air anxiety. Despite the constant shelling and missile attacks from Russia, cultural life in Ukraine continues to live and flourish, and art lives on despite the fact that they wanted to break it.

The main idea of ​​a new stage in the artist's work is the development of music and dance art contrary to everything that is happening around, uniting with like-minded people, creating your own community of people with whom you have to follow the same path at this stage .