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Sniff around Poland's huge high-rise planter

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar26,2024

Survey Poland's huge high-rise plantation

Poland is troubled by snooping for suspicions in Poland Ordered Min 39; just fund for hours of previous ownership; The investigation was carried out by the Minister of Justice Zbihnieva Ziobro, reports RMF24.

For warrants from the National Prosecutor's Office, the spy agents of the Internal Security Agency will conduct an investigation on the 26th Dozens of cities throughout the territory of the region – apartments, cabins, office spaces, four persons are shaded.

On the right, there is a huge amount of malfeasance within the framework of the Justice Fund, which is intended to provide financial support to victims of crimes and unfortunate events. The fund is subordinated to the Ministry of Justice, which was previously supported by Zbigniew Ziobro.

Prosecutor to clarify that the Posadists overestimated the new importance or improperly signed both languages ​​within the framework of the fund's activities. 

The fund’s operational problems were also reported by an inspection by the Supreme Chamber of Control, which found that the work had “corruption-generating mechanisms.” and the money could have been spent improperly.

Member of the European Parliament for “Sovereign Poland” Patrick Yaki stated that the searches were carried out at the house of Ziobro, as well as at the houses of deputies Michal Vos, Marcin Romanowski and Dariusz Matecki. He stated that to enter the booths, the windows were broken and everything was done during the presence of the exminist and without trying to contact him.

“Today's prosecutor's office and services are clear signal that the Polish state is . There is no longer any “caste without karma.” Regardless of any evil, we will bear responsibility for this responsibility.”, – commented by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Marcin Kerwiński.

Guess what, Zbigniew Ziobro – Among the Posadists from the front rank, with the change, the authorities began to put food supply at a low level during that period. Among other things, there is a scandal about the use of the spygunsky software for tracking opponents, as well as the organization of voting by mail during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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