Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Lukashenko with a dog threatened to "take over NATO countries"

Dictator Lukashenko discussed a possible attack on the Suwalki corridor – a section of the territory of Lithuania and Poland located between Belarus and the Kaliningrad region of the aggressor.

This conversation between the impostor and the commander of the North-Western Operational Command Alexander Naumenko was posted by the Belarusian pro-government Telegram channel “Pul First”.

The Belarusian dictator kept a white Spitz all the time and, stroking it, asked the military about the width of the Suwalki corridor, about which “they blather all the time.”

“They shouldn’t behave like that. But now you will have to confront the Baltic republics… And you will grab part of Poland,” – said Lukashenko, having learned the width of the corridor (42 kilometers in a straight line).

Next, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus asks the military commander whether he can hold this territory “with his troops.” Naumenko assures that “all actions are planned, issues of combat readiness are being worked out, personnel are being prepared.”

As you know, the "isthmus" between the main part of the Russian Federation and its exclave – Suwalki corridor – considered a very likely strike site in the event of a potential Russian war against eastern NATO members.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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