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Smartphone does not connect to Wi-Fi: how to fix the problem in 5 simple steps

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

Smartphone does not connect to Wi-Fi: how to fix the problem with 5 simple steps

Using the Internet on a smartphone, we stay in touch with loved ones, learn about the latest news and enjoy your favorite entertainment. However, it happens that the gadget starts to be “capricious” and does not  connect to Wi-Fi, creating certain inconveniences.

In such cases, it is important to know how to quickly and effectively solve this problem. In the material “Apostrophe” suggested five simple steps.

What to do if the smartphone does not connect to Wi-Fi

The mobile device may stop connecting to the Wi-Fi network due to various reasons, including Wi-Fi network load, IP address conflict, or problems in router settings. Sometimes it can also be caused by temporary malfunctions of the device or software problems.

To solve the problem, first try rebooting the smartphone, maybe this will help resolve some software bugs that were preventing the connection. Also check the Wi-Fi network settings on the gadget.

Try to connect to a different Wi-Fi. If you succeed, the problem is with your current network.

Next step – disconnect your Wi-Fi network and reconnect it. This allows you to reset the current connection and start a new authorization process with the router. This action will also help to eliminate possible temporary failures.

If this does not help, update the firmware. The new firmware version may include improved drivers and software for working with Wi-Fi Fi, which increases the stability and compatibility of the device with different access points.

You can also reset the network settings. At this stage, all saved Wi-Fi networks and settings will be deleted, in including the password. But such a step can help solve the problem.

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By Natasha Kumar

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