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Seductive and loose: Anna Trincher presented the new clip “Bar by bar”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr16,2024

Seductive and unleashed: Anna Trincher presented the new clip

Anna Trincher/Screenshot from the video

Ukrainian singer Anna Trincher put all the dots above the “i” with her ex in the new track “Bar by Bar”. In addition to touching words, the singer impressed with her candid image and erotic scenes.

In the new track, Anna Trincher finally let go of the pain after her divorce from blogger Oleksandr Voloshyn. The emotional clip can be viewed on YouTube.

In the new video, the singer shows that she finally managed to “burn” the last memories from the painful relationship with her ex-husband. The pain of the breakup changed the star and opened up new creative sides in her.

The last mentions of past relationships are already addressed to the fire. “Bar by bar” is a way to remind ourselves that now we are separate individuals: “Now there is only me and there is only you – together we do not exist.” However, work conveys the intention to prove to myself that I deserve everything I want, and I will get it. Thanking myself that at a certain moment in my life I did not lose my feminine strength, purpose and desire to be heard, I have the opportunity to share my life with the listener, especially by turning it into creativity, the singer shares.

In the new clip, Trincher appears in a passionate embrace with sex blogger Serhii Lukyaniuk, known under the pseudonym Leon13. For her images in the frame, the star chose a shiny mini, a top with sequins and a brown leather jacket. The subscribers of the star were impressed by the frank sexual scenes with the partner filmed in the car.

Trincher hopes that the song “Bar by bar” will become for her fans “the same emotional release, a session with a psychologist and a close friend”.


Let the song support you when you need it, be silent with you or scream while driving the car on the evening city road… and remember, pain is a powerful resource and only you can decide how to use it use. Do everything today to be proud of yourself tomorrow, – Trincher commented on the premiere.

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