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French youth are ready to fight for Ukraine to protect their country

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr16,2024

French youth are ready to fight for Ukraine to protect their country

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Approximately half of the surveyed French aged 18 to 25 said that they would join military operations in Ukraine if it were necessary to defend France.

About this is shown by the results of a poll conducted by Ipsos, Le Figaro reports. In addition, 31% of French youth support the idea of ​​stationing their own troops in Ukraine.

The corresponding survey was conducted at the initiative of the French government to understand the local attitude if Emmanuel Macron does approve the decision to send part of the military to Ukraine.

Yes, 51% of respondents answered affirmatively to the question of whether they are ready to join the ranks of the army if the defense of France required participation in the war in Ukraine. In particular, 17% answered “absolutely yes” and 34% – “yes, maybe”. At the same time, without mentioning a specific country, 57% of the young French surveyed declared their readiness to enlist in the army “in case of war”.

The vast majority of French (62%) believe that “it would be good again introduce compulsory military service”, abolished in France in 1997. More than half of them may be considering a career in the armed forces.

French youth are ready to fight for Ukraine to protect their country

French youth

A total of 2,300 French people aged 18 to 25 were interviewed. A possible sampling error is not indicated.

Recall that in February, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the possible introduction of NATO troops into Ukraine. Then he emphasized that the allies are not at war with the Russian people, but they cannot allow Putin to win in Ukraine.

Natasha Kumar

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