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Seagate plans to increase HDD capacity to 120 TB

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr6,2024

Company Seagate plans to increase the HDD capacity to 120 TB

Seagate Technology, in cooperation with the National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) and Tohoku University (TU), presented the technology of three-level magnetic recording on two-layer granular media.

< p>This is reported by Tom's Hardware.

This technology, based on the principles of heated multi-level magnetic recording (HAMR), has the potential to increase the capacity of hard disk drives (HDD) to 120 TB and more.

< p>The HAMR method allows you to increase the recording density by at least twice as compared to traditional methods of perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR). This is achieved by localized heating of the surface of the carrier with a laser to the Curie temperature, which allows information to be recorded on smaller areas.

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