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Scholz helps Putin, – ZMI

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar27,2024

Scholz is helping Putin, - ZMI

For two years now, the Kremlin’s father has gone to the point of threats, so Stream and cross the borders of Ukraine by sunset, and Olaf Scholz immediately lets you know what his tactics are.

About this, see Bloomberg materials, where they write that the decision to deliver Taurus missiles varies the flights I appreciate Scholz’s sensitivity and I love it The escalation of the conflict with Russia in Germany. Of course, it would be better to encourage Putin even more and endanger the security of Europe.

Taurus missiles will advance the Ukrainian government, destroy Russian lines of supply and better protect themselves from attacks on places and vital infrastructure. Two similar long-range winged missiles hit Great Britain (Storm Shadow) and France (Scalp).

The stench brought high efficiency, zokrema, helping to destroy nearly a third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The limited quantity and high level of varity made Ukraine rationally vikorize them. Taurus increases this reserve, provides greater range and protection, which has high resistance to detection and attack by anti-aircraft defense systems.

Scholz confirmed that sending missiles to the location of German soldiers And in Ukraine – this is a firm commitment to the members of your powerful coalition and the deeds of the military. Rozmova about the Taurus of the officers of the German military forces, which leaked into the gap, and the power of Scholz's destruction angered Germany's closest allies.

Tim Scholtz was inspired by Great Britain's proposal to send more Storm Shadows to Ukraine and increase British stockpiles of Taurus missiles. This may be called out to those concerned, which will undermine the already existing capacity of the Bundeswehr. Recently, a short report about the camp of the armed forces was published, revealing an alarming shortage of special equipment and equipment, as well as defects in maintenance and preparation.

There is little evidence of the need for greater emphasis on high-quality nutrition and insufficient investment in Germany's defense, but there are immediately ways to ensure that Ukraine can eliminate the collapse of the military system No, what are her needs? In the end, Scholz seems to have more pressure on his party’s weaker ratings, encouraging pacifist sentiments among the German population.

Scholz's order also took a long way for the last two years. Last year, Germany transferred Leopard tanks to Ukraine and at the same time others for the supply of military equipment for Kiev after the United States. The country has received over a million Ukrainian refugees. This month, Germany announced the provision of another 500 million European military support, including artillery shells and armored vehicles.

Ale, the size and geopolitical importance of The meaning reaches a lot of people. Deliveries of systems are available in large quantities and on a very small scale. Among NATO members, it sits only 11th month for military contributions related to gross domestic product and 16th month for financial problems related to GDP.

“The US Congress is blocking additional military aid to Ukraine, it is important that Germany plays a greater role. “Berlin is responsible for working with other European orders to deliver more armor to the front line,” we write.

Ukraine needs a lot of armor, starting with ammunition, ending using aircraft, tanks and high-precision long-range ceramic missiles. Scholz may continue negotiations with the leaders of Poland and France with specific approaches to enhance the defense of Europe, renew military forces and provide sufficient support to Ukraine.

For which visa is needed You, as the largest economy in Europe, can no longer rely on Germany to Washington.

"First for everything, those who want the world for Ukraine and Europe are ready to show Putin that they cannot overcome. The fact that this war is existential for Ukraine became obvious in 2022. The failure to resist Russian aggression would be a mercy, about how Germany and Europe as a whole would be damaged,” the video implied.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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