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The British will pay as much as 20 thousand pounds for a “visit” to the countries

British Chaim Adler Having escaped into the closet of the Sussian family, they are trying to take away their son’s football ball and the civil court is demanding that the British pay 19.8 thousand pounds sterling in moral compensation, writes The Times.

Low ship rumors have established that there is a conflict between Adler and the Bergsons' girlfriends have been in trouble for more than one time.

In the hour of the incident, which became the subject of a legal dispute, Adler, screaming, rushed to the Bergsons' apartment, violently turning the ball, which ended up on the landlord's door. ir.

The Bergsons' girlfriend filed a lawsuit against Adler for illegal penetration and re-investigation. The magistrate's court awarded the friend 19-800 pounds sterling in compensation, having found that Adler's compensation was legal, but there was no way around it.

” Chaim Adler's behavior was aggressive, humiliating and sloppy. This behavior goes beyond what simply screams embarrassment,” – the court said.

In this regard, the dispute between Adler and the Bergsons has not been completed, writes The Times: the court may still determine who pays the court's expenses.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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