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Russia is waging a “shadow war” against Europe – Prime Minister of Estonia Kaia Kallas

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Russia is waging a "shadow war" against Europe - Prime Minister of Estonia Kaia Kallas

She urged not to be afraid of Russia.

Russian The Federation wages a “hybrid war” against all European countries and tries to force the West to abandon its support for Ukraine.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaia Kallas said this during a meeting with the heads of the governments of Lithuania and Latvia in Vilnius, writes The Associated Press.

“Russia has intensified its shadow war against all European states. It wants to really frighten and force the entire free world to refuse aid to Ukraine,” the official noted.


At the same time, Kallas emphasized that the allies should not be afraid of Russia, but should continue to support Ukraine.

Her colleague from Latvia, Evika Silinja, emphasized that Russia should lose the war for the sake of “the security of Europe and the world order “.

“We must remember that we are living in wartime. This war worries European societies and it is unfolding here, in our neighborhood,” concluded the head of the Latvian government.

Why do some European leaders, such as Olaf Scholz, still only talk about preventing Russia from winning and Ukraine losing instead of aiming to win Ukraine? What complicates the task of creating a coalition of determined countries willing to expand the parameters of how and most importantly, with what purpose to help Ukraine not only to prevent its collapse as a state, but also to help it end the war in the form , which most Ukrainians would perceive as a victory?

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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