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3D-printed parts can repair military equipment

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

3D details -printers are capable of repairing military equipment

Modern 3D printers are used by the British army. It was deployed to produce such parts during NATO's Steadfast Defender exercise, the British government reports.

The 3D printer serves as a kind of repair shop for the United Kingdom army. As a result, they make spare parts for military vehicles and modify combat equipment.

This world-leading technology is another great example of Britain being at the forefront of defense innovation, providing our exemplary Armed Forces forces in a faster way of flexible response on the ground. Grant Shapps, Secretary of Defense of Great Britain

The main advantage of 3D printers — mobility They can be quickly transported from one location to another, enabling the military to quickly ramp up production.

Metalographic printing technology works with computer-aided design to digitally fabricate a component.

Metal powder, for example, copper, steel or aluminum is fed through a nozzle at an extraordinary speed that exceeds three times the speed of sound, and then the part is formed by a mechanical manipulator.

If you have a broken vehicle that needs to be returned the next day on the battlefield, as it is a vital piece of equipment, this is where this technology comes in. It can reduce logistical problems, save money and, crucially, speed up the start of combat. John Enthistle, British Army Battalion Commander

While the technology used for Land Rover cars, but in the future they plan to increase the number of different brands.

Natasha Kumar

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