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Russia behaves in such a way as to spoil it, but Estonia does not want to escalate the negativity

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

Russia's behavior is to spite it, but Estonia does not want to escalate the negative

Russians On the night of May 23, border guards seized 20 buoys installed by the border guard of Estonia on the River Narva to mark the fairway, reports the Estonian national television and radio broadcaster ERR.

Head of the border guard bureau Idas which prefectures Erik Purgel explained what Estonia and the Russian Federation are today buoys are installed near the waters of the Narva to mark the fairway, as the river bed changes.

“Before the start of the war in Ukraine, the installation of these buoys was mainly for profit, but by 2023 Russia will not be able to accommodate the Estonian positions for the deployment of buoys. We decided to put up floating signs for the summer season starting from 2022, because the stink is needed to remove the navigational spoils, so that our fishermen and fishermen do not waste the fishing grounds in the Russian waters “, – said Purgel.

Vidannya means, What did the Russian Federation say about the troubles with the installation of nearly half of the 250 buoys. The first 50 buoys were installed on May 13th. At the beginning of the 23rd, Estonian border guards discovered that Russian border guards began to take away their buoys and captured 24 units during the night, some of which lay before the first buoys.

“The Department of Police and Cordon Security Services contacted the Russian border service and sought clarification from the drive to remove the buoys and turn them around. The Department of Cheka, the Rosії proves the one, the wound of the Uzgogodeni Farvater snakes, I won’t be presented, then it is growing up with a reasonable way to Purgel.

Prem ' orderly press conference about the border incident, the exact circumstances of what will be explained.

“We approach this situation firmly, equally important, for the need for contact with allies. “We are broadening the scheme if Russia intends to create anxiety with its actions,” said Kallas.

Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Margus Tsahkna added that until this point the trace is put even calmly, fragments in It contributes to the provocative behavior of the Russian Federation of the rest Rokiv.

Tsahkna also noted that border incidents were previously dealt with in the face of Russia's destruction of the open space in other ways.

Director General of the Estonia Police and Cordon Security Department, Egert Belichov, called Russia's removal of buoys in Narva a clear provocation. Having explained that the Estonian border service had not moved, this would have led to a tense situation – the stagnation of power in such a situation would have meant the introduction of a remote fire.

"We decided not to intensify the sieve tion and follow basic practice”, – said Belichov.

According to the words of the officer of the law enforcement department, his department uses diplomatic methods for turning back the buoys.

"We have reconfirmed that the buoys were there, there was a small stink of buoys," – Belichov said and added that the department seeks from the Russian Federation an explanation and rotation of the buoys.

Belichov added that if the materials of the inspection have established the fact of illegal crossing of the cordon, the right will be examined by a senior official.

Besides, Belichov is aware that the Russian balloon with the letter Z was flying over the Estonian-Russian cordon in the past, but was lost between the cordons of the Russian Federation.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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