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Researchers have come up with a simple way to reduce carbon emissions from ships

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

Researchers came up with a simple a way to reduce carbon emissions from ships

Researchers at the Blue Visby Consortium have developed a simple but effective solution that can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions in international maritime shipping, without the need for expensive ship repairs.

< p>This solution consists in reducing the speed of swimming. Last week, the group presented the results of a two-month trial on two vessels, which showed a 17.3 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. While the results are encouraging, an industry-wide effort is needed to make a significant impact on the climate.

Solution Blue Visby — it is not just a speed limit, like on motorways. It is an operational system based on algorithms that slows down the cruise speed of ships so that they arrive at ports at the optimal time, based on the principle of delivery on time. This system replaces the outdated Sail Fast Then Wait (SFTW) approach, where ships arrive at ports as soon as possible while waiting to berth. Blue Visby explains in a press release:

«SFTW cannot be resolved by individual vessels or on a bilateral basis between an individual shipowner and an individual charterer. This is a systemic problem that needs a systemic solution. The Blue Visby solution integrates software, operations and contracts to systematically optimize the ocean passages of participating vessels and thereby reduce CO2 emissions. This does not interfere with flight planning or weather routes of individual vessels; and does not interfere with mooring or port operations.»

Blue Visby claims that test results prove that the solution does not have a negative impact on operations, despite the speed reduction. Two dry cargoes, the motor ship “Herdt Oldendorff” and the engine ship “Begonia” showed a reduction in CO2 emissions by 17.3 percent compared to a speed of 14 knots (about 25 kilometers per hour).

Natasha Kumar

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