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Renault, Toyota, Mazda: TOP-10 best-selling cars of March 2024

Renault Duster/Renault

In March 2024, as last year, the Renault Duster compact crossover took a leading position in the Ukrainian market of new passenger cars. In a new material, Radio Maximum talks about the best-selling cars of the spring.

Experts from UkrAvtoprom analyzed which car models became the most popular in March of this year. Read and choose a new vehicle for yourself.

Seven crossovers, one SUV, one liftback made it to the TOP-10 models of new cars in March and one pickup truck. The ten most popular models accounted for almost 42% of the March market of new passenger cars.

TOP-10 best-selling cars in March 2024:

1. RENAULT Duster – 920 units;

2. TOYOTA RAV-4 – 415 units;

3. KIA Sportage – 223 units;

4. PEUGEOT Landtrek – 216 units;

5. VOLKSWAGEN ID.4 – 207 units;

6. HYUNDAI Tucson – 185 units;

7. MAZDA CX5 – 172 units;

8. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Prado – 160 units;

9. SKODA Octavia – 159 units;

10. BYD Song Plus – 117 units Mazda: TOP-10 best-selling cars of March 2024″ />

BYD Song Plus/Electri4ka

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