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Read who became the laureate of the Oles Honchar award in 2024

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr6,2024

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The State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Art Education has announced the winner of the Oles Honchar Prize. He became the 77-year-old writer Leonid Petrovskyi for the novel “Ruins of Fate”.

The prize winner was determined on Honchar's birthday – April 3. This is reported by the State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Art Education.

As reported by the agency, this year the State Arts Agency received 26 applications for the competition. Having considered them, the members of the prize awarding committee by open voting, after a lively and long discussion, determined Leonid Petrovskyi as the laureate of the prize.

The author will receive the award for the novel “Okrushyny” fate”, published by the publishing house “Ruta” in 2021. We congratulate the winner and wish him new creative achievements! – the message says.

The members of the Committee also noted the works of the following candidates for this year's prize as worthy of attention and reading:

  • Matviychuk Anatoliy – a collection of poetry “Treasures. Selected”, publishing house “Samit-knyga”, 2020;
  • Mostepan (Melnyk) Iryna – Collection of poems “Glossary. Book Two”, publishing house “Volynski Oberegy”, 2022;
  • < li>Slyvinsky Ostap – a collection of stories “Dictionary of war”, Vivat publishing house, 2023.

Read who became the laureate of the Oles Honchar Prize in 2024

Leonid Petrovsky, the novel “Destiny Crumbs”

We remind you that the Oles Honchar Prize is awarded annually for the best literary works , which affirm the ideals of humanism, spiritual values ​​of the Ukrainian people, ideas of Ukraine's independence.

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