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Read the rating of the most popular cars from China in Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr16,2024

Read the ranking of the most popular cars from China in Ukraine

HONDA eNS1/autoelectro

Ukrainians often choose Chinese cars for their own use, because they are cheaper in price and optimal in quality. We will tell you which are the most popular brands among the Chinese car market.

During the first quarter of 2024, Ukrainians bought about 4.2 thousand. cars imported from China. Compared to last year, the demand for Chinese-made cars increased by 75%. This was reported by Ukravtoprom.

Experts believe that in the first In the first quarter of this year, cars of Chinese origin covered 18% of the new passenger car market. From the number of purchased cars: new – almost 3 thousand units. (+114%); used – about 1.2 thousand units (+21%).

In the segment of used cars registered for the first time in Ukraine, the share of “Chinese” was 2%. The absolute majority of cars from China were electric cars – 85%.

The most popular models of cars of Chinese origin:

1. VOLKSWAGEN iD.4 – 750 units;

2. HONDA eNS1 – 255 units;

3. BYD Song Plus – 227 units;

4. NISSAN Ariya – 189 units;

5. GEELY Atlas Pro – 164 units.

Read the rating of the most popular in Cars from China to Ukraine

GEELY Atlas Pro/Info Car

TOP-5 used cars from China:

1. VOLKSWAGEN iD.4 – 350 units;

2. NISSAN Ariya – 103 units;

3. HONDA eNS1 – 99 units;

4. TOYOTA bZ4X – 70 units;

5. VOLKSWAGEN ID.6 – 48 units in Ukraine cars from China” />

VOLKSWAGEN ID.6/Electro-motors

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