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Rate the premiere: Olena Usenko presents her debut pop-rock album

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May25,2024

Rate the premiere: Olena Usenko presents her debut pop-rock album

Olena Usenko/Press service

Young singer and JESC 2021 star Olena Usenko presents her debut album “7 steps”. The pop-rock album includes 7 songs, which are now a reflection of the artist's inner state and creative path.

Listen and rate the artist's compositions on YouTube.

The album combined the best elements of pop and rock music: catchy melodies and expressive vocals, as well as energy and more complex thoughtful arrangements.

We thought about the name of the album for a long time, because wanted to describe our idea very aptly and succinctly. And then they realized that everything ingenious is simple. 7 songs, 7 stories, 7 stages – “7 steps”, says the singer.

The sound of the album includes elements of the 90s and 2000s, electronic sound and many other interesting things. The author of many tracks is the young musician JASE51.

I am not only an artist and a performer of my songs. I am also a listener and a music lover. I listen to a variety of music, from classical to rock. And, of course, some artists inspire me to create music. But besides that, I am also inspired by certain stories that happen in my life, the lives of my friends and acquaintances. For the most part, in this album we relied on the “retro” sound, because I am one of those artists who will revive it!, – shares Olena Usenko.

“7 steps” is not only a story about the singer's personal life, but also a universal story about the stages of human relationships with which we are all familiar. From easy love to hatred, from joy to indifference.

Natasha Kumar

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