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Rare pink flamingos “wander” on the “Tuzlivsky estuaries” of Odesa

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

Rare pink flamingos are

Rare pink flamingos/National nature park

Pink flamingos, also called phoenixes, “wander” in the reserve “Tuzlovsky lymani” of Odesa region. Rare birds cannot yet nest due to unfavorable conditions.

This is stated in a message on the Facebook page of the National Nature Park “Tuzlivski lymani”.

Last year in “Tuzlivski lymani” ” a unique event happened: then flamingos nested there for the first time, giving birth to 192 chicks (18 of which ecologists managed to ring). But this year the birds faced a problem.

In recent weeks, pink flamingos have been living in the “Tuzliv estuaries”, they are traveling in search of a safe place for nesting. Last year, the birds first chose an unfortunate place – very close to a settlement, to people, to a constant factor of anxiety. As soon as they left their nests and found a safe place, they nested again and produced offspring, the reserve clarified.

Last year's nesting place is now covered with water, so the flamingos are searching again.

Rare pink flamingos

Rare pink flamingos/National Nature Park

We appeal to everyone who has learned about the wonderful birds that live in our national park, as well as to local residents who visit the estuary coast: if you are lucky enough to see flamingos, please do not come closer than 300 meters to these amazing birds , especially to their probable nesting places, and preferably do not spread your meeting place in general, – the park administration emphasizes.

There they emphasize that among millions of the most unique places in the world, the phoenixes chose these Ukrainian estuaries, considering them the most successful and the safest place for babies to appear. Therefore, people should respect their choice and give them a chance to breed.

Flamingos are incredibly rare birds, listed on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, they need protection.

Natasha Kumar

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