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Pyongyang defends Korean hit about Kim Jong-in (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

Pyongyang defends Korean hit about Kim Jong-in (video)

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The Language Standards Commission of New Korea will block access to the music video about the dictator Kim Jong-in, “Good Father,” created in Pivnich ій Korea and wide-ranging in every way to the world of social security.

On the thought of the regulator, the clip “idolizes and brings” Kim Jong-in as a “great leader” і є “typical content that is vikorist as a psychological threat against the Greater Korea.”

The Greater Korean regulator, which blocks government websites and snake oil of the Greater Korea, and also imposes fines on them intended to support the DPRK regime, declaring That this song is in violation of the National Security Law.

The song was blocked after an investigation carried out by the Korean intelligence services. The text of the song has the following words:

“Let's celebrate that Kim Jong-ying is a great leader!

Let's boast about Kim Jong-ying, our good father!

In the music video, representatives of various professions and groups of the population of the DPRK sing rows of songs, as well as episodes in which the dictator meets with various people, gathers with children too.

Yak reports the BBC, after the announcement of the capture of the video, many residents of New Korea rushed to admire it and the number of views grew sharply.

Previously BAGNET informed that Kim Chen Ying made his daughter his heir.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga

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