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ISW explained Russia's plans to begin work on nuclear deterioration

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

ISW explained that Russia is going to start working on nuclear weapons

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The beginning of Russia's nuclear war is causing the country's politicians to voluntarily agree to take action against the aggressor.

The Institute informs about this exchange of war (ISW).

It appears that the Kremlin will continue to rattle its nuclear bomb as part of a campaign of reflexive control to attract recent politicians who praise the decisions. This is to mark the beginning of the Pivdennoye Military District with the vicious nuclear war that began in the past.

One of the pro-Kremlin bloggers directly started with attempts to reach the praise of the decision ь na Zakhodi – zokrema, with recent discussions should be separated Ukraine has developed access to military targets on Russian territory.

This confirms the ISW assessment that Russian testing of tactical nuclear weapons is part of the campaign The Kremlin has reflexive control. The aggressor often resorts to nuclear weapons in order to get involved in those who make decisions at the end and force them to “capitulate.”

“Reflexive control is a key element of the Russian tool This is a hybrid war tactics that revolve around the formation of the enemy through direct rhetoric and information operations in such a way that they voluntarily go to Russia’s most important actions,” this is the answer.

In The institutions noted that US policy And the approach that prevents the ZSU from attacking military targets in Russia seriously supports Ukraine’s ability to protect itself from any Russian offensive operations on the night of Kharkov region or in any zone of the international cordon, where the Russian army may be likely to carry out offensive operations in the future.< /p>

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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