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PS5: this highly appreciated exclusive will be entitled to a sequel, the announcement would be imminent

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

An exclusive PS5 released at the launch of the console would be on the verge of having a sequel. And the announcement of this brand new game would even be imminent if we are to believe the information we have at hand. at our disposal.

PS5: this very exclusive appreciated will be entitled to a sequel, the announcement would be imminent

The ps5 and its small batch of exclusivities

While she already has well started the second half of its life cycle, the PS5 gives a rather mixed assessment for the moment. Delayed by COVID-19 and the shortage of components, the latest console of Sony's show failed to achieve this goal. convince as much as the Japanese publisher hoped. So much so that we can harbor a bitter taste towards what we see. enjoy the white tower performance so praised by Sony.

Concerning the games, the real expected hits were finally — until then — made quite discreet, just like the Sony exclusives. While it remains to be seen the console still has two or three years of existence, we hope to see it arrive by then. other big ones excluded. We know thatDeath Stranding 2 and the remake of Silent Hill 2 should (normally) land by next year.

< h2>The sequel to Astro's Playroomannounced soon?

But it's another exclusive! which could soon make players happy: Astro Bot. As a reminder,Astro's Playroom &eacute ;was directly integrated into the à the PS5. This little 3D platformerà a priori without pretension turned out to be much more interesting than it seemed. The title of Team Asobi served as a sort oftutorial for playersin the understanding and familiarity of the game. of the new PS5 controller, its features, its haptic feedback and its adaptive triggers. This all retraces in a fun way the history of the PlayStation and its emblematic games. 

So when we hear When we talk again about the license which has acquired a little notoriety, we inevitably give it an interest. We owe the information to the now renowned insider for his seriousnessBilbill-kun. According to him, the little robot will indeed return in a new title. In any case, this is what we can read in an article published on the side fromDealabs. “According to our information, a new game from the Astro universe is being prepared by the Team Asobi studio”. “The most important information we have is related to the announcement date of the game. Indeed, we estimate that the announcement of this new game should be made within 15 days.

Bilbill-kun even goes further by announcing thatthe new playable character will be a fennec-shaped robot, and that the title will offer an entire section right in the heart of 'a desert. But as is usual with this type of rumor, it is necessary to take a step back. But this revelation would coincide with a possible PlayStation Showcase or a next State announced. by the end of May.

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