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Avengers Infinity War: Josh Brolin caring towards Tom Hiddleston

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

Since its debut in 2008, the MCU has given us some particularly moving moments. Loki's death at the hands of Thanos in Avengers Infinity War is one of them, especially since it was unexpected for many spectators. If this scene was difficult to do watching, she was also watching. à filmed for the interpreters of the two characters, and this adorable gesture from Josh Brolin towards Tom Hiddleston undoubtedly contributed to this success. à make the pill pass!

Avengers Infinity War: Josh Brolin attentive to Tom Hiddleston

Josh Brolin, much nicer than thanos!

Whether for real or fake, Loki has “died” several times in the MCU. First appearing as an ultimate adversary of the Avengers,Thor's half-brother returned wear his jacket several times, depending on his current interests. Such versatility earned him many enemies across the country. across the galaxy, including Thanos. The Mad Titan will end up assassinating him inAvengers Infinity War, a scene that Tom Hiddleston was aware of three years before it was filmed. The latter, interviewed by Variety over his entire career, revealed the touching way in which Josh Brolin, the interpreter of his enemy, behaved; towards himbefore filming the scene.

Avengers Infinity War: Josh Brolin attentive to Tom Hiddleston

It was a great day. I registered à The hotel and, after an hour or two, I fell into the room. on Josh Brolin, who couldn't have been nicer. He squeezed me in his arms and said to me: “I'm really sorry.I'm really sorry“.

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As for; Josh Brolin, he already had mentioned the filming of this scene in 2018, to USA Today, explaining that he had not liked it. film her.

He was with this character for so long. And he is so applauded for this role. Tom was so vulnerable to that moment. So choking him wasn't the most fun thing I've ever done.

Luckily it wasn't This is not the last appearance of the character, a series having since been released. dedicated!

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