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PS5: the official Dualsense wireless controller in a special edition for less than 50 euros

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

The DualSense wireless controller on the PS5 has been improved. a revolution for players who previously had the PS3 and PS4. It offers an even more in-depth experience thanks to its many new features. If you are at Are you looking for a second controller or want to treat yourself to a special edition, the Sterling Silver is available on sale at less than 50 euros.

PS5: the official Dualsense wireless controller in a special edition for less than 50 euros

PS5: the best-selling console< /h2>

The PlayStation 5 has established itself as the console of choice for gamers, with sales 5 times higher than in previous years. those of Xbox Series X and S during the last quarter.This dazzling success underlines the undeniable appeal of the PS5. However, it is still difficult to find a console with a good price and you have to be reactive when there is a great promotion. Even on the side Occasionally, this is not obvious. But, this should change by the last quarter of 2024 with the arrival of the PS5 Pro. Many players will want to upgrade. this last iteration which should probably be more powerful.

PS5: the official Dualsense wireless controller in special edition at ; less than 50 euros

For those who still don't have a second controller or if theirs is aging, here's a good plan that should please since it concerns the special edition Sterling Silver. It is distinguished by its color which is gray instead of white on the one you can have with the console. One of the primary advantages is that it will be less visually dirty. However, this is the same official wireless version. We find the haptic feedback, the integrated microphone, and its design which offers good comfort and good ergonomics.

The promotion of the DualSense Sterling Silver controller drops at peak for players, and at agrave; less than 50 euros, it is difficult to do without it.

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