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Malcolm: this MCU star appears in the series, she is unrecognizable

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Did you think that Malcolm has no more secrets from you? Even if you're a fan of the series, chances are you've never noticed what happened. the small role that one of the stars of the MCU plays there. This appearance of one of our favorite Avengers in his youth was very exciting. spotted by a fan the lynx eye, discover it below.

Malcolm: this MCU star appears in the series, she is unrecognizable

yes, this avenger was indeed in the casting of malcolm

If this bomb dropped by Frankie Muniz about the filming of&nbsp ;Malcolm deeply saddened fans, the fact remains that the cult sitcom of the 2000scontinues to fascinate. Despite its multiple rebroadcasts on television, this series about a little genius and his brothers benefits from timeless writing and colorful characters. As with The Office or Friends, we love to rewatch these “soft” programs which reek of nostalgia. And what's more fun than realizing that one of today's stars has made a mini appearancein a sitcom before finding fame? For Pedro Pascal, it was this series from the 90's; and forJeremy Renner, there is Malcolm!

@malcolminthecontext SEASON 1 EP 1: PILOT #malcolminthemiddle #MITM #funny #fyp #francis #malcolminthemiddlefyp original sound – MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE

So yes, we confirm it to you, only a very attentive spectator will realize that it is Jeremy Renner, the famous Hawkeye from the Marvel cinematographic universe, who is hidden in this police uniform. Extracted from the pilot episode, the video above presented the character of Francis quite explicitly! Uncredited In the credits, the MCU actor was then at the very beginning of his career. Since then, he has continued his career. successes, whether they are superhero films or more “confidential” projects likeMinesweepers orWind River. Wounded in a snow plow accident in 2023, the actor recently gave reassuring news about his health.

Tell us in the comments if you had spotted this appearance of Jeremy Renner in Malcolm!

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