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Protests against the order have begun in Israel

Photo: Protests in Israel

< p>In Israel, widespread protests have broken out from the government. Protesters are calling for pre-line elections to be held.

Protest organizers called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign, Israel to hold pre-line elections, and the country's independence be useful for the sake of releasing the guarantors, which will lead to The release of 130 soldiers who have been stranded in the Gaza Strip since that hour.

It is planned to hold several days of protests and gatherings near Jerusalem, reports The Times of Israel.

The organizers said that over 100 thousand people took part in the action, and mass media They reported that the turnout was in the tens thousand.

Many participants in the rally in Jerusalem expressed discontent with the fact that Netanyahu is still in power and that elections have not yet been held in the country six months after the terrorist attack by Hamas.

"Name Surely this is the whole country , as it was so successful… “There is only one person walking this path,” he said, “one of the protesters told Dzherel.

“We need elections. The order cannot trust the marriage. “I want to praise the law that allows every person to serve in the army,” said another participant.

According to the police, one protester was arrested.

Protesters set up over 100 Knesset bills to spend the night in the place.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, responding to journalists' requests about the possibility of elections, saying that such a period is paralyzing country – “the war broke out, just before victory” – for lines up to eight months.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga

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