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Prometheus and launched a project to help users get a job

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Prometheus and launched a project to help users get a job

Project to help others get a job/Prometheus

Education and career are not two separate directions, but interconnected opportunities. Because all the knowledge and skills you acquire expand your career path and allow you to realize your professional potential and ambitions.

This is why Prometheus and decided to join forces and create an ecosystem , where education helps career growth, and career inspires further learning and development.

For people looking for a job at, will select thematic courses, which will help “to reskill or upskill to get the dream offer”. This is how they want to improve the quality of education and employment in Ukraine, the team explains.

In the world of professional opportunities, the greatest value is time. It is always in short supply and is expensive. That's why Prometheus is always experimenting with ways to reduce listeners' time spent on the way to their goal. That is why we are launching this project together with Love the job, but don't have enough knowledge – jump on the course, fill in the blanks and apply. Without unnecessary choices or searches, save and value your time, said Yulia Khodakivska, operations director of Prometheus.

More than 100 courses have already been selected that can help improve skills. In addition, it will be possible to immediately see where such skills are currently needed in the market.

Prometheus and launched a project to help users get a job

A project to help others get a job/Prometheus

Later, they also want to provide more personalized recommendations for users, the team announced.

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