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Pollution: children v. the American government

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Dec16,2023

Pollution: children c. American government

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California experiences record rainfall and violent winds.

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California children sue US government over failure to reduce pollution, latest complaint in a series of lawsuits filed by young people around the world concerned about climate change.

Aged 8 to 17, these young people say the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) intentionally allows the release of dangerous pollutants that contribute to greenhouse gases. greenhouse gases from the fossil fuels it [the EPA] regulates, harming the health and well-being of children, said Our Children's Trust, a law firm non-profit.

The plaintiffs say they are discriminated against by the EPA as children whose economic prospects and futures are sacrificed on the altar of environmental pollution.

The complaint, filed December 10, asks the federal court to declare that the EPA violated the Constitution's right to equal treatment. the law, as well as the right to life.

One of the complainants, whose first name is Genesis, explains for example that she lives in a house without air conditioning and that with the temperatures rising, the situation becomes intolerable.Open in full screen mode

The plaintiffs say they are victims of discrimination by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Here, an image of the smog covering Los Angeles.

She has to keep her home's windows open in the summer, exposing her to ash from wildfires and more pollen, aggravating her allergies and causing frequent runny noses, Our Children said. s Trust on its website.

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Another, Maya, suffers from respiratory problems and severe headaches that the complaint says are due to the increasing number of forest fires, preventing her from participating in soccer competitions at the level she does. #x27;she wishes.

In addition to the EPA, the complaint targets the head of the agency, Michael Reagan, as well than the federal state.

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The growing number of wildfires, such as the one near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada, and health concerns that these fires cause, are cited in the complaint.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the European Court of Human Rights the man began examining in September a complaint filed by six young Portuguese people against 32 countries which they accuse of not making the necessary efforts to limit global warming.

And in August, a court in Montana, in the northwest of the United States, ruled in favor of a group of young people who accused the state of violating their rights to live in an unpolluted environment.

Natasha Kumar

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