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Polar explorers saw a record number of penguins at the Akademik Vernadsky station

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr10,2024

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Ukrainian polar explorers counted a record number of subantarctic penguins on Galindez Island. It is there that the station “Akademik Vernadskyi” is located.

This season, which lasts from September to April, seven thousand penguins have been recorded. This was announced by the National Antarctic Science Center on Facebook.

The record number of penguins on Halindez indicates the warming and reduction of the sea ice area in the Antarctic, due to which the animals migrate and occupy new territories.

It is worth noting that until 2007, subantarctic penguins did not nest near “Akademik Vernadsky” at all. Scientists believe that the main reason for the changes is the late thawing of the waters around Galindez Island. Previously, frosts in this area reached -20° and below, and the ice prevented the penguins from hunting.

Already in 2020, the number of subantarctic penguins on the island was 3.5 thousand, and in 2024 it will double and crossed the 7 thousand mark. Taking into account that Ukrainian expeditions currently have 14 participants, that means 500 penguins for one polar explorer/polar explorer, the NASC notes.

In general, this season Ukrainian biologists counted in the region:

  • 9 colonies of warm-loving subantarctic penguins with a total number of 35,000
  • 3 colonies of cold-loving Adélie penguins with a total number of up to 5,000
  • a little more than 50 individuals of Antarctic penguins that love the transit zone between the Subantarctic and Antarctic .

Scientists explain that changes in penguin populations are an obvious sign of climate change in the Antarctic. In addition, penguins actively “fertilize” the icy continent with their droppings, creating soil for Antarctic vegetation. And after the penguins, predators are advancing towards the Arctic Circle: sea leopards and skuas.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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