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Poland will allocate more than $25 million additionally to strengthen its intelligence services

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

Poland will allocate more than $25 million additionally to strengthen intelligence services

Photo: Donald Tusk

Poland will allocate an additional 100 million zlotys ($25.30 million) to strengthen its intelligence services, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Tuesday, warning of a growing threat from Russia.

Playing a key role in the implementation of military and other supplies to Ukraine, Poland emphasizes that it has become a target of Russian intelligence services. These concerns were heightened last week when a judge with access to military secrets sought political asylum in Belarus.

Speaking at a press conference, Tusk noted that ahead of European elections in June, Moscow's efforts to destabilize the situation in European countries, in particular in Poland and the Baltic countries, are intensifying.

"We will have to invest more resources, time, take more action when it comes to our intelligence agencies,", – he said, reports Reuters.

At the same time, the head of the Polish government said that there is so far no reason to believe that a number of large fires that have occurred in Poland in recent days – the result of actions directed from abroad. He added that Polish intelligence services had foiled a number of sabotage attempts in the past few weeks.

Tusk noted that Poland would likely receive EU funds to strengthen the border with Belarus.

< em>"Europe is currently finalizing a method for obtaining funds, using European Defense Bonds, the EIB (European Investment Bank) and the possible use of funds that were allocated for recovery (post-COVID) and were not used, – said the Polish Prime Minister. – There should be no shortage of funds. Poland and the Polish border will be a priority.”.

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Natasha Kumar

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