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Poland found one of its richest businessmen dead

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024

Poland found one of its richest businessmen dead

Photo: Jerzy Krzanowski

The body of the famous businessman Jerzy Krzanowski was found in Poland. The Wirtualna Polska reports this to police representatives. According to the evidence, the body of the 54-year-old businessman was found in the forest complex of Kroscienka-Wizhny.

According to the words of police representative Pavel Buchinsky, the body of the businessman was found close to the first anniversary of the night of the 7th of June. Following the decisions of the prosecutor's office, the body was transferred to Rostin.

The material did not specify the cause of death. The cause of death was a great heart attack, reports Wirtualna Polska in a letter to the Dzherela. 

Vranci 6 chernya Jerzy Krzanowski Wijszow for a walk your little booth at Krościenka Wiżnia. After a few years of absence, the relatives returned to the services with a statement of guilt. The firemen, the police, and participants in the search pens suffered the same fate. Drones and canines were captured.

Jerzy Krzanowski is one of the richest citizens of Poland. In 1991, she and her brother Adam started a company with the production of furniture Nowy Styl (New Style), which became one of the most popular producers of styles in Poland and Europe. The company exports products to 70 countries around the world, in 2023 its revenue dropped 310 million euros.

In 2021, the Krzhanovsky brothers had 57- This place is on the list of 100 richest Poles according to Forbes. Their assets were then valued at 1.21 billion zlotys ($0.31 billion).

In 2016, Jerzy Krzhanovsky’s family was accused of corruption and was accused of co-operation with the great vice-president of the Industrial Development Agency, Patricia Z. For the verses of the prosecutor's office, the Businessman, having raised the patrician Z., rally at the complex of the Viddochinka that rosvag, the way to Dubai, the Kwitka at VIP-marshmallows on the sports in alcohol. , sales of products and organization for the care of business with necessary people.

The businessman did not recognize himself as guilty. Nowy Styl said that Krzhanovsky and Patricia Z. were friends and the acquaintance did not bring the company the desired preferences, and as a result, Dubai was in the period when the woman had already left the plantation. Krzhanovsky nezabarom vyishov under the outpost. At the beginning of 2024, the prosecutor's office turned to the end of the matter.

In 2023, Roka transferred all his shares in the company to two daughters, and also resigned from the post of vice president of the board of directors. new style.”

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga

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