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Following his colleague: the vocalist of the group “Zhadan and Dogs” joined the ranks of the ZSU

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024


Yevhen Turchynov/instagram

Ukrainian musician, guitarist and soloist of the band “Zhadan and Dogs” Yevhen Turchynov joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The artist defended the country with a weapon in his hands.

Former musician Yevhen Turchynov announced his decision on Instagram.

He, like his colleague – the writer and singer Serhiy Zhadan, who joined the ranks of the Armed Forces – will serve in the National Guard of Ukraine.

The performer published a photo in military uniform and said that he will go to the front in the ranks of the 13- of the “Charter” brigade. Yevhen is currently undergoing military training.

Joined the ranks of the 13th brigade of operational assignment of NSU “Charter”. I am studying, Turchynov wrote under the photo.

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Yugen Turchynov is a Ukrainian musician and composer. He comes from the Kharkiv region. In addition to the group “Zhadan and Dogs”, the musician is also a member of the groups “Children of Captain Grant”, “Yevgen Kostyantynich and Kryvave Zabazarevo” and “Mannerheim Line”. The celebrity writes songs, in particular, in his creative version of the compositions for “The Mannerheim Line” and “Zadan and Dogs”.

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