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Pavlo Zibrov called on the housewarming party of Mariupol defender Petro Khizhnyak

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May18,2024

>> came to the housewarming party/"Heart of Azovstal. At home”

People's Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov visited the defender of Mariupol, the border guard Petro Khizhnyak, for a housewarming party. He received an apartment as part of the “Heart of Azovstal. At Home” program.

The Ukrainian defender recently received an apartment in the Kyiv region as part of the “Heart of Azovstal. At Home” program. At the feast, he and Pavel Zibrov sang, drank tea and talked about Mariupol, captivity and dreams for the future.

It is worth noting that Petro himself has been serving in the ranks of the State Border Service since 2003 and after learning about the beginning of the great war , immediately stood up for the defense of the Motherland.

At first, he defended the outskirts of Mariupol, but on March 17, while performing a combat mission, he received a mine-explosive injury, a closed cranial brain injury, and a concussion.

Under the onslaught of the enemy, Petro and his comrades were forced to take new positions on the territory of the plant named after Ilyich in Mariupol. On April 2, as a result of an airstrike, the defender suffered head injuries again, the founders of the program say. Pavlo Zibrov paid a housewarming visit to Mariupol defender Petro Khizhnyak” />

The defender got an apartment/”Heart of Azovstal. At home”

Moreover, having already received two wounds, during the attempt to break through to “Azovstal”, the defender again came under fire and was taken prisoner, where he stayed for more than 7 months. Currently, the family home of the Khizhnyaks remained in Donetsk region, but now Petro has a home where his family can visit.

We lost everything. The wife left with one package. I have absolutely nothing. So is the younger son. We moved to Kharkiv. Someone else's apartment, I didn't even have my own towel, not to mention the apartment, clothes, everything. And then they called from “Heart of Azovstal” and offered to take part in the “Home” program. I didn't believe it at first. I thought it could drag on for years. He didn't even tell his wife at first. But everything was done so quickly, – said Petro Khizhnyak.

The well-known artist Pavlo Zibrov came to the military to celebrate the housewarming, who came to congratulate the defender on his new home.

Mr. Peter is a bright person. He has so much sincerity and kindness in his eyes, although he has been tortured and captured. And thanks to such heroes, we can live more calmly. And such people should be supported. So we stopped by just for tea, just to say hello. I found out how health is, how the family is, what the plans are. They hugged. And wished him that he and his family were happy and healthy. It is necessary to give good emotions. I am an artist. And so I felt that this attention to the military was necessary for both him and me, the singer shared his impressions.

It should be noted that currently Petro Khizhnyak has returned to service and continues to protect Ukraine from the enemy invasion.


Pavlo Zibrov visited the housewarming party of Mariupol defender Petro Khizhnyak

Pavlo Zibrov visited the housewarming party/”Heart of Azovstal. At Home”

The project “Heart of Azovstal. At Home” aims to create conditions for defenders of Mariupol with disabilities on the way to building their future. They will purchase their own housing for defenders who received group I or II disability as a result of the battles for the City of Mary. The apartments will be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

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